The Chapei District in Shanghai in Flames, October 1937


August 14th a  stray aerial bomb lands in the International Setlement outside the Palace and Cathay Hotels


A 4th Marine poses in front of his fighting position


Refugees near the French Settlement  


Shanghai Volunteer Corps (SVC) at a fortified position


 Planes over Shanghai. Most of the time the planes flew at too high an altitude to identify to whom they belonged

Destroyed buildings 

Whale boat from the USS Augusta bringing what appears to be Chinese refugees to safety 


A Dollar Line ferry with Sailors and Marines aboard


Marines near the Sinza Bridge (photo courtsey Joe Brooks) 

As in the 1932 battle for Shanghai, the 4th Marines again guard the Sinza Bridge


More SVC men


General Beaumont with the 6th Marines aboard the USS Chaumont as the ship arrives at Shanghai


Marines manning a machine gun aboard the Chaumont as they enter Shanghai


6th Marines disembarking from the Chaumont to a Dollar Line ferry that will take them to the Customs Jetty


Arrival of the 6th Marines. These Marines have disembarked from their Navy transport (USS Chaumont) and now are on lighters carrying them toward the Shanghai Bund.  Note the man under the US flag is a Navy Corpsman.


Dutch Marines 


Dutch Marines coming ashore  

6th Marines moving from the docks to their quarters

 At the sandbags

Japanese soldiers advancing up the Soochow

 Lt Clayton Totman stands by one of his Platoons sandbagged positions at the Shanghai Gas Works along the Soochow Creek

Posing for a picture along the creek

Moving up to the creek



Refugees moving up the creek past the Cantonese Cemetery to escape the fighting. 16 Aug 1937. The Marine noted on the back of the photo the holes in the wall were for Chinese machine gun nests


Barbed wire strung along the Soochow Creek as a part of the defensive line ringing the International Settlement  




A Marine poses near the Markham Road Bridge.


Patrolling along the Soochow


Long after the fighting had moved away from the International Settlement, the Marines continued to patrol the Soochow Creek through the winter of 1937-38. Photo courtesy of the Lopez family.