Marine Machinegunners covering a portion of the Soochow Creek

In the event of a general engagement between the Chinese and Japanese in Chapei, and if the situation demands, our front line will be manned by a small force.  All others will be stationed at designated safe (as possible) places on the battalion support or reserve line, but they will be held in readiness to man the front line if the necessity demands, and the security of your front line will not be jeopardized.

- by order of Colonel Hooker. 14 February, 1932



Refugees flee over the Soochow Creek across the Markham Road Bridge and away from the fighting in Chapei. Photo courtesy of the Lt Col Mike Manifor Collection


 Marines behind a sandbag wall facing the creek

 Overlooking the scene of the fighting: the Chapei district 

The view directly across from the Marine positions. Note the painted sign on the wall across the creek reads: "Fight for the people of the world"

A fortified position

News crews film the arrival of Marine reinforcements

Filling sandbags

Observing the fighting behind wire entanglements

Outside the Fung Mills


BAR Gunner


Along the Soochow Creek


The Marine's position near the Sinza Bridge. Note the refugees on the other side of the gate


A colorized view of the Sinza Road Bridge positions



 A Marine gunner looks out from the Markham Road Blockhouse. Note the pack of Chesterfield cigarettes at his feet. Photo from the Sullivan Group, courtesy of Lt Col Mike Manifor



Refugees fleeing the fighting


Field Message: Sent by one of the Marine outposts along the Soochow Creek

On patrol in the International Settelment


 Aftermath of the fighting. Marines tour the remains of the Commerical Press compound

Visiting the battlefield after the truce: a Chinese sniper position

After the fight. A Marine visiting the battlefield in the Kiangwan district


Maggie: another 4th Marine mascot