The bulk of the images on this page come from snapshots taken by sailors aboard the USS Helena, c. 1908-10, USS Monocacy, c 1920's and the USS Palos, c. early 1930s .  Judging from locations written on the pictures, the Helena was operating along the lower Yangtze, between Shanghai and Wuhu, while Monocacy and Palos left Shanghai and went as far as Chunking.  The Helena would have had a regular complement of Marines, but the upper river gunboats would carry Marines only on limited occasions.  This gives you an idea of what the men saw as the cruised up and down the Yangtze.


 The USS Helena at Shanghai

Receiving visitors aboard the USS Helena 


Lower river junks


Returning from liberty


A German gunboat: SMS Vaterland


Chinese Gunboat, Woosung Bay


Chinkiang was the first large anchorage up river after Shanghai. It was not a popular location when compared to Hankow.


Touring the southern Ming tombs near Nanking.


 Little Orphan Island, was a small island located between Shanghai and Hankow.

Sailors and Marines of the USS Helena, c. 1910-11. At the start of the Chinese Revolution, these men would form a landing party ot protect American citizens in Hankow, as rebels and the Imperial army battled for control of the city.



The USS Palos at Ichang


A portion of the USS Asheville's Marine Detachment enjoying lunch


Fishing near Hankow

Chinese Junks on the river between Nanking and Hankow   














A typcial up river city


A sailor and Marine BAR gunner, USS Sacramento, ashore near Shanghai, c.1924-25



Locally produced postcard for the USS Sacremento